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Richard Gentle has been healing with light for over 30 years - tapping into the universal energy field that permeates everything and is accessible to everyone. By focusing specific qualities of the field, we can all improve our ability to heal ourselves and others.

Also, in a process I call 'Personal Action Intervention' we can all choose to make decisions about our own health and well-being. (more here).

In addition to the information available through this site, you can arrange to have a healing talk or wand making workshop for your friends or special interest group.
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Being Well Being Well - book by Richard J W Gentle - see shop

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Read an excellent account of wand healing here

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Make your own Crystal Wand and start healing.

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Kirlian Photography - can it really show how energy fields change after healing?

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Here are just a few
experiences / testimonials describing things that have occurred during my time working as a healer.

It would be impossible to list all the books - and there are many available. However, I have listed some of the books that have been most valuable to me in the healing development process. You can also see one or two shop items here.

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